Omar Mendoza

Omar Mendoza, a Visual Arts graduate from UNAM (2012-2016), was born in Mexico City in 1993 and has embarked on a notable artistic journey. With five solo exhibitions under his belt, including a showcase at the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, Veracruz in 2023, Mendoza's work has made a lasting impact in galleries and museums across Mexico. Recognized with awards such as Arte Joven in 2016 and Arte Lumen in 2015, he currently holds a fellowship in the prestigious FONCA Young Creators program. Additionally, he was selected for a project at A Studio in the Woods, sponsored by Tulane University's ByWater Institute in 2024. His most recent solo exhibition, “My Colors,” was on display at Steve Turner Gallery Los Angeles throughout January 2024.

Mendoza's art is a profound exploration into the boundless realm of color, coupled with a reconnection to pre-Hispanic myths and symbology. Meticulously researching natural pigment extraction techniques, his pieces offer a poetic journey into life's transformative forces. Guided by the Mayan term "Eekzamen," meaning "between two lights," his project illuminates the ancient and present worlds, paying homage to the enduring impact of the colorist trade. Mendoza's alchemical act captures the chromatic essence of the flora he employs in his pigments, creating living artworks that evolve over time, provoking profound reflections on the life and mutations of each piece.

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