Itziar Mondragón

Itziar Mondragón, born in Mexico City in 1987, weaves a narrative of academia, motherhood, and a profound connection with her surroundings through her artistic journey.

Her formal entry into painting commenced after completing her master's degree in art history at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Despite being academically immersed in various art movements, the urge to pick up a brush surpassed that of penning essays. The transformative chapter of motherhood became a catalyst for her artistic spirit.

"While learning about different art movements, I felt more inspired to grab a brush and start painting than to write an essay, but I lacked the confidence to do it. Something changed after my daughter was born. I had to paint. Although I do not entirely attribute this urge to motherhood, it certainly played an important role in my creative freedom," she shares.

Itziar's artistic canvas embraces unstretched cotton and a vibrant palette of oil pastels, watercolor, and acrylic. Drawing inspiration from her daily walks in the bustling streets of Mexico City, her paintings predominantly depict ethereal-watery landscapes, gardens, and flowers. These compositions juxtapose the softness of the cotton against temperamental figures rendered in bold colors.

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