Stephanny Lucero

Stephanny Lucero's body of work embraces a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing installation, painting, sculpture, and performance. In her exploration of emotional states and human experiences, Lucero's work metaphorically engages with nature and flowers, offering a healing perspective on existence. This thematic exploration extends into her paintings and objects, metaphorically exploring human emotions and experiences through nature and flowers, providing a healing perspective on both the physical and spiritual aspects of our existence.

Philosophical enigmas and concealed truths beneath the surface of desires projected onto spaces and atmospheres come to life in Lucero's paintings and objects. These elements coexist through links, connections, and analogies, touching on themes of the passage of time as a trace of human consciousness on Earth. These recurrent themes illuminate her artistic discourse.

Lucero's interest in the multidisciplinary has led her to collaborate with alternative cultural spaces in Mexico City, such as La Verdi in 2023, where she had a solo show accompanied by a performance, and Proyecto Escrituras Experimentales in 2024, where she participated in a group exhibition with a performative reading.

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