Floria González

b. 1980 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

She lives and works in Mexico City.

She studied photography and cinematography in Mexico City and San Antonio, Texas.

She always builds very detailed sets for her artworks; colors, textures, wardrobe, and characters, whether in a studio or a location. She first makes a storyboard, drawing, watercolor, or acrylic as the basis for her photography or video, where she portrays with clarity the concept and the aesthetic of the artwork and the series. 

Floria González portrays scenes where she crystallizes the moment before a meteorite hits the earth. Snapshots where time is suspended and the observer is short-breathed for a moment because of the enormous beauty he faces, the knowledge of something about to happen, and dissolving in a strong noise. 

The characters of her paintings still inhabit their spaces freely, they ignore that something imminent is coming, and they are facing back while we are facing front. We know something they don’t. Atemporal images in a kind of casual technicolor that rarefies and maximizes the hyperreality of this fantasy. 


Foto: Karina Preciado