Floria González

Born in the artistic crucible of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México in 1980, she has since found her creative haven in the bustling expanse of Mexico City. Her artistic journey is a product of both local and international education, with studies in photography and cinematography undertaken in both Mexico City and San Antonio, Texas.

At the heart of her artistic process lies a meticulous attention to detail. Each of her artworks is born within intricately constructed sets that envelop her subjects in a carefully curated world of colors, textures, and wardrobe. This dedication extends to both studio settings and outdoor locations. Her creative journey starts with the creation of storyboards, where her vision is translated into vivid visuals through mediums such as drawing, watercolor, or acrylics. These serve as the bedrock for her photographic and video works, acting as clear visual roadmaps that encapsulate the essence and aesthetics of her artworks and series.

Floria González's artistry captures moments poised on the precipice of impact, crystallizing the instant just before a meteorite collides with Earth. In her snapshots, time seems to halt, and viewers find themselves momentarily breathless, captivated by the profound beauty of the impending cataclysm. Her compositions carry a sense of suspended knowledge—an understanding that something momentous is on the brink of occurrence, accompanied by the anticipatory dissolution in a resounding noise.

In her painted characters, a unique tension emerges. They inhabit their spaces with an unencumbered freedom, seemingly unaware of the impending event. Their backs turned to the observer, they remain blissfully unaware, while we, as viewers, possess an awareness of what lies ahead. The images she creates exist beyond conventional notions of time, suffused with a casual technicolor aesthetic that both amplifies and distorts the hyperreality of the fantastical scenes she portrays.

[Image Source: Karina Preciado]