Ana Elisa Rogu

Ana Elisa Rogu was born in 1997 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She currently resides and works in Aguascalientes as well. She pursued her studies in animation and digital art in Mexico City, and later enriched her artistic education with a focus on fine arts in Florence, Italy.

Commencing her artistic journey, Ana garnered recognition as an award-winning illustrator of children's books. However, her creative path has evolved significantly, leading her towards the realm of abstraction. Her artistic practice now revolves around mediums such as gouache, oil pastels, collage, and etching.

At the heart of Ana's artistic expression lies the exploration of emotion through color. Her work serves as a visual conduit to the intricate nuances of human sentiment, capturing the unspoken thoughts and feelings residing within the depths of our consciousness. Ana's creative process is a pursuit to tangibly manifest the ethereal aspects of our inner selves, akin to the vivid landscapes that unfold behind closed eyelids.

Through her diverse artistic techniques and chosen mediums, Ana Elisa Rogu endeavors to encapsulate the profound dimensions of human introspection and sentiment. Her creations invite viewers to contemplate the interplay between color, emotion, and the subconscious realm, ultimately offering a glimpse into the enigmatic landscape of the mind.

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