Julián Madero Islas

For Julián, art is a tool to explore reality, combining subjective vision with socialization to create poetic tensions that go beyond conventional communication.

His research focuses on the intersection of art history, myths, literary images, and the vernacular variant of Mexico City.

He conceives painting as a continuous evolution of ideas throughout life. Each work is a resumption, an attempt to order chaos. His process is dynamic, exploring the possibilities of the material on the canvas and in the viewer's mind. For him, painting is an act of freedom, where color and time are his domains. Although he dialogues with images, he always seeks to transcend appearance to return to its essence. Painting, for him, is a living being that expresses need and pleasure in its creation, a writing that reveals meaning as it unfolds on the canvas.

Since 2010, he has exhibited in various museums and galleries, including the Carrillo Gil Museum, MUAC, Casa del Lago, and the University Museum of El Chopo. In 2022, he was awarded the Young Creators scholarship and selected to participate in the Alfredo Zalce and Julio Castillo biennials. He has contributed to dialogues related to his artistic practice, held at the Colegio Nacional, MUAC, and SAPS. He holds a Master's degree in Visual Arts from UNAM and a Bachelor's degree in Plastic and Visual Arts from La Esmeralda. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate in Visual Arts at UNAM's Graduate Program. Additionally, he is the author of the comic strip "Relojito's Time”.


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