Mariana Paniagua

Born in Mexico City in 1994, Mariana embarked on her artistic journey against the backdrop of a city brimming with creativity.

A graduate of Visual Arts from UNAM's Faculty of Arts and Design, she expanded her creative knowledge through a Diploma in Editing from the same university. Her professional experience includes serving as a juror at the Julio Castillo National Painting Biennial in 2018 and facilitating a children's painting workshop at the Siqueiros Public Art Room, INBA. These experiences have enabled her to embrace both ends of the artistic spectrum, with the goal of bridging the gap between youthful imagination and mature expression.

Her work unfolds as an accumulation of layers of time, made evident by her creative process of constant making and remaking, allowing the material aspect of painting to leave its mark on the canvas. This visual representation of presence and absence mirrors the human act of making mistakes, embodying the potential for change and transformation.

Mariana's artistic trajectory has earned her recognition twice through the Young Creators program sponsored by FONCA, in its 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 generations.

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