Mónica Figueroa

Born in 1991 in Mexico City, this artist's creative journey is characterized by a multifaceted exploration of themes and emotions. Presently residing in Oaxaca while maintaining a dynamic artistic presence between Oaxaca and Mexico City, she possesses a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the Arts and Design Faculty of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Her specialization lies in the domains of Painting, Drawing, and Illustration.

Her artistic reach extends beyond borders, with her work having graced group and solo exhibitions not only within Mexico but also in far-flung locales like Romania and Slovenia.

The core of her creative philosophy revolves around perceiving her paintings and drawings as intellectual pursuits. These visual essays endeavor to unravel questions and lingering uncertainties that are inherent to the human experience. Themes such as the meaning of life, human relationships, the enigma of mortality, the shadows of the unknown, and the complexities of anxiety and uncertainty find expression within her work.

In certain instances, her creations manifest as resolute affirmations. These artistic assertions wield the power to construct novel realities, particularly those that contribute to the intricate and nuanced portrayal of women and their diverse universes. Through her art, she strives to enhance and deepen the narratives surrounding women, empowering them by enriching the ways in which their stories are depicted and understood. 

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