Ariana Díaz

Ariana Díaz, born in Mexico in 1993 is a visual artist interested in analyzing the normalization of extractive practices with the environment within history or through the use of land, determining approaches that play with truth and the notion of territory.

Her practice is situated within photography, video, installation, and even the use of various technological devices.

She is currently a professor at ITESO University. She was a beneficiary of the Young Creators program of FONCA in the 2022-2023 generation. She attended the Seminar on Photographic Production at the Centro de la Imagen in 2021.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Guadalajara (2013-2017) and an academic stay in Visual Arts at the U Finis Terrae in Chile (2016).

She is a co-founder of Espacio Negativo, a cultural initiative dedicated to the education, promotion, management, and production of contemporary photography. Her work has been exhibited collectively in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

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