Camille Auclair

I'm a British/French artist born in London and based in Mexico City since 2018. My themes are derived from a personal, ethical sensitivity to people’s relationships with the planet, the experience of living in a human body and how the expedient commodification of natural resources is affecting human relations, creativity, spirituality and our overall health.

I investigate the juxtaposition of two distinct but inseparable strands of existence: in a material human body, as well as a human consciousness and soul. I examine human experiences of disembodiment and dissociation and how these symptoms might damage relationships with non-human ecosystems. The defining goal of my work is to reconsider the word ‘community’ and what it means to be a part of one.

Through exploring spiritual concepts of an Anima Mundi (the vital ‘world soul’ and belief that all parts of the biospheric ecosystem are interconnected), and the notion that our anthropocentric 'community' should perhaps be expanded to include all organisms and environments, I try to shine a light on and attempt to rebuild the broken relationships between humans, human bodies, and the non-human universe with my drawings, paintings and textile pieces. 

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