Leonardo Ortega

Born in 1992 in Durango, Mexico, Leonardo has found his artistic home in the vibrant embrace of Mexico City. His artistic journey was nurtured through workshops with duranguense painters, resulting in four solo exhibitions and a collection of scholarships. Additionally, he secured an artistic residence focused on landscape painting at CRIA Ensenada in 2023.

His work delves into the shadows of death, loneliness, and disillusionment that often cloak familiar places like alleys, sidewalks, and dumpsters. Amid this urban backdrop, he weaves a tapestry of abandonment and neglect, juxtaposed with vivid elements like piñatas and flowers.

His artistry thrives on curiosity and technical mastery, exploring light, perspective, and texture. For him, beauty lies not in the obvious but in the unexpected – in the layers that construct it and the context that shapes it.