Leonardo Ortega

b. 1992 in Durango, Mexico

He lives and works in Mexico City. 

He formed himself in the workshops of duranguense painters. He has had four solo shows and has been awarded diverse scholarships and grants for his work. His work mainly addresses the shades of death, loneliness, and deception found in common places and spaces such as shady alleys, dirty sidewalks, or public dumpsters. Abandonment and carelessness as shades within colorful elements can be found, such as piñatas or flowers that star in the urban disenchantment. 

His work is guided by curiosity and technical rigor, where he studies and practices the use of light, perspective, and texture with the goal of achieving their highest potential. In his work, beauty escapes the obvious and is found in the atypical; it’s not about the beautiful object but what builds up that beauty and what surrounds it.

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