Maíra Senise

Maíra Senise is a Brazilian artist who has been based in New York City since 2015. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro. Following her graduation, she worked as a fashion and pattern designer for various Brazilian brands, during which time she developed her artistic practice. Her creative expression spans a diverse range of media , encompassing painting, sculpture, video, installation, home objects, and apparel.

In her paintings and sculptures, Senise constructs an imaginary realm where disconcerting fables and everyday feminine ornaments converge. This creative endeavor disrupts the passivity inherent in a seemingly childlike universe by deviating from conventional forms, intertwining elements from both the human and animal kingdoms. Solid blocks of vibrant color evoke vague illusions of animals, dolls, or hearts. Against violent scrawling and strong brush strokes, these colorful shapes create  eerie canvases that depict primitive human urges.

Senise seamlessly merges abstract and figurative visual languages, giving rise to figures with a paradoxical quality—humor intertwined with existence in a disconcerting and violent universe, where objects meet their demise and are left abandoned. In this creative pursuit, all materials are fair game, ranging from traditional oil and acrylic to unconventional items such as glitter, shampoo bottles, nail polish, and everything in between.

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