Bárbara Caro

 Bárbara Caro, born in Argentina in 1996, holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University of the Arts, Argentina. Additionally, she has acting training and experience, which has allowed her to work as an actress and model in various international productions.

Her visual art encompasses performance, photography, and drawing, exploring issues such as identity and gender performativity. For Caro, artistic practice is a space that allows her to pose personal questions, concerns, and curiosities about the body and the lived experience, conditioned by its interpretation. Rather than seeking answers to these concerns in her work, Caro invites us to dwell in the uncertainty of not knowing.

In her drawings, we find characters that confront us with our own corporeality, often taken for granted. Her highly expressive lines contrast with color patches that emphasize the tangibility of flesh, bones, and fluids. These are living bodies that cry and sweat without any restraining shame.


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