Gladys Méndez

Residing and creating in the vibrant city of Mérida, México, Gladys's artistic endeavors are deeply intertwined with her surroundings.

Gladys's work revolves around themes of absence, space, nostalgia, memory, and the intricate web of family relationships that shape one's identity. Through her work, she captures the ethereal essence of these human experiences, representing them by way of empty spaces and eerie atmospheres, showcasing her mastery of color and light through painting and drawing.

Recently, her artistic exploration has led her to delve into the composition of images from contrasting juxtapositions. This endeavor serves as a window into her study of the tensions that reside within everyday spaces and scenes. With a keen eye, she dissects the fabric of the ordinary, revealing the intricate threads of emotion and narrative that often go unnoticed.

Gladys's work has been showcased in the Muestra de Pintura Reciente en Yucatán [Recent Painting in Yucatán Showing] and the fourth edition of Clavo Movimiento art fair, through Casa Baanal, both in 2022.