Materia, Mater, Mutter: a group exhbition

At this critical moment in the present, where the consequences of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly unavoidable, the exhibition Materia, Matter, Mutter is presented as an exploration of multiple narratives around ecological catastrophe.

The artists participating in this exhibition propose various artistic approaches to the multiple current environmental crises: their works not only reflect the urgency and impact of the environmental crisis but also speculate on alternative futures and problematize our relationship with the environment.

Through a variety of media, ranging from painting and sculpture to installation, the artists question our relationship with nature, proposing new modes of coexistence among living beings, and invite us to reconsider our current way of life to reimagine a more sustainable future.

Mutter comes from Hindi and means seed. This concept, which gives the exhibition its name, illustrates the process of blooming, which, even in a hostile environment, seeks to give rise to a new form of life. This new life, through the works that make up the exhibition, does not seek to deny or transform the terrain in which it grows but to adapt and coexist with it.

In this way, Materia, Matter, Mutter emerges as a catalyst for new narratives of the present and future, inviting us to imagine multiple possibilities of interconnected existence in an environment that seems increasingly hostile to life.

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