Yumnia Duarte

Born in 1988 in the enchanting region of Nayarit, Mexico, her artistic journey finds its roots in the very land that shaped her. She navigates between her dual creative havens – Nayarit and Mexico City – each contributing to her artistic evolution.

Her academic journey is richly adorned with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Arts from Guanajuato University. Her passion and dedication earned her the esteemed PECDA scholarship in Nayarit. Furthermore, her artistic prowess was acknowledged when her work earned a place in the XIX Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo.

With her move to Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, her artistic perspective underwent a transformation. Here, Yumnia captures the essence of physical and emotional abstraction within her surroundings. The objective? To document the landscapes and intricacies of her adaptation to this new context.

Her artistry weaves together essential colors and objects, forming deconstructed landscapes within isolated shapes. These shapes intertwine, evoking collective views and spaces. Through her creations, Yumnia encapsulates the essence of her experiences, inviting viewers to journey alongside her through the ever-shifting landscapes of her artistic voyage.

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