Florencia Rothschild: To Become a Vessel.

    Step into the world of Florencia's artwork with us! Our featured artist describes her work as a fusion of sensory exploration, intellectual depth, and symbolic resonance. Join us as we explore the profound dialogue between body and material, unveiling the magic woven into each stroke and contour. 

    "The physical contortions of the characters I illustrate are mirrored in that mud that is modeled and models us. "To Become a Vessel" [Volverse Vasija] is a homage to that ancestral object inherent to our experience, a utilitarian, symbolic object that contains a void inviting exploration. Like a bowl to rest in eternity but also as a receptacle of life, from where to offer oneself for what is to come." - Florencia Rothschild

    From Feb 17 to Mar 14, 2024.

    Currently on view at:

    📍 Trastienda Showroom at Martillo Shop. Campeche 130, Roma Sur.


    Omar Mendoza: My Colors at Steve Turner LA.

    "My Colors" reveals the mystical essence of Mendoza's works, blending pre-Hispanic imagery and processes with the artist's dreams, ideas, and experiences. Each piece is embedded with history, yet embraces contemporary objectives. Mendoza's highly distinctive approach transforms his creations into a visual symphony that resonates with both the ancient and the modern.

    Omar Mendoza, born in 1993 in Mexico City, holds a BA from UNAM (2016) and a diploma from the Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City (2018). Following his recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, Veracruz (2023), Mendoza makes his debut with Steve Turner, marking his first solo exhibition outside of Mexico. "My Colors" promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of artistry, history, and contemporary expression.

    Photo: Steve Turner LA.


    New installation for Mexico Art Week: Valentina Guerrero.

    Valentina explores monstrosity, nature, power dynamics, and interrelation through her art. Creating fictions that speculate on uncertain futures, she weaves together historical events, personal experiences, mythological worlds, and post-natural omens. Using drawings, installations, writing, and glasswork, she challenges the infiltration of ideological content into personal and collective imaginaries. Valentina aims to establish a connection between personal narratives and a shared realm of affection, unraveling the symbolism and projections of specific elements and landscapes.

    Valentina began her studies in geography at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and later switched to a Bachelor's in Arts at the same institution (2014/2018). She joined the SOMA Studies program in Mexico (2018/2020) and is currently pursuing a Master's in Image Study Research at UNAM. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including Museo Anahuacalli (MX), Fortnight Institute (N.Y), Baitball (IT), and Museo Jumex (MX).

    Valentina currently lives and works in Mexico.

Featured Artwork

  • To feel the feelings (no.2), 2022
  • To feel the feelings (no.2), 2022
  • To feel the feelings (no.2), 2022

To feel the feelings (no.2), 2022

by Estefanía Viyella

Estefanía Viyella, born in 1992 in Veracruz, Mexico, employs drawing and painting as tools to deconstruct her surroundings, fostering a meaningful connection between herself and the world. Rather than aiming to merely reflect reality, she uses these mediums to reconstruct it, employing metaphor as a means to explore her identity and establish her position in the face of reality.

Taking advantage of the plasticity and tactility of oil painting, Estefanía creates expressive images inspired by everyday life. Her background as a designer informs her unique vision for color combinations and compositions. Bold brushstrokes and simplified shapes contribute to the deep expressiveness of her work.


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Campeche 130, Roma Sur, Mexico City.

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