Florencia Rothschild

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1986, Florencia Rothschild holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts with a focus on Fire Art from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina. She also holds the title of Technician in Ceramics from the same institution, along with a Master’s Degree in Education for Sustainability and Interculturality from the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.

Florencia’s work primarily revolves around ceramics, drawing, and printmaking. She is intrigued by the exploration of the human figure, particularly female bodies, through a playful lens. The characters depicted in her work exude a sense of fun and curiosity, at times representing inner journeys and at other times blurring the line between the body as subject and object.

Her artistic practice involves recognizing nature as a provider of finite and precious resources, which she incorporates into her body of work with the aim of establishing sustainable relationships between her art and the world.

Currently residing in Coatepec, Veracruz, Florencia passionately shares her knowledge of ceramics and printmaking through various workshops and collaborations across Mexico and Argentina. Her work has been showcased in four individual exhibitions, including “Cosmogonías,” [Cosmogonies] exhibition #107 at La Línea Piensa, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2018-2019; “Chichicastenango” at El Venadito, Espacio Cultural, Oaxaca, México, in 2017; “Magma” at Naranja Verde, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2012; and “Ometepe” at Fundación Lebensohn, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2012.

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