Gonzalo García

Born in Puebla, México in 1985, their artistic journey has brought them to the vibrant heart of Mexico City, where their creative spirit thrives. With a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts earned in the picturesque setting of San Miguel de Allende, they've harnessed their passion into a tangible form of expression.

Their artistic endeavors have taken them to notable platforms, including participation in esteemed events such as the Bienal Rufino Tamayo, José Tomás Chavez Morado, and Pedro Coronel de Zacatecas. Their dedication and talent were recognized with the prestigious FONCA’s Young Creators Scholarship, a testament to their promising trajectory.

Within the art community, their presence is felt through various group exhibitions held in both Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Through these collective showcases, they contribute their unique voice to the collective narrative of contemporary art, sparking dialogue and contemplation.

Their journey continues to unfold, woven with the threads of creativity, persistence, and the boundless potential of artistic expression.