Vera Primavera

b. 1987 in Ecuador. 

Lives and works in Mexico City.

She is an architect by formation and a self-taught painter and tattoo artist.

Her practice uses mural painting in which she questions the graphic representation of women in the public space, using her sensitivity and the power of symbols as resistance trenches; tattoo as a performing act capable of hacking reality as it explores the empowering of the body and the experiences of the being through the symbolic strength of the ritual and canvas painting as an intimate exploration of her personal life.

In 2020 she started a series of canvases and digital paintings. These artworks work as graphic entries of a diary that portray her mental and emotional state and her daily circumstances in an intimate way. 

  • La Marcha

    Vera Primavera

    $180 USD

Studio Visit: Vera Primavera

  1. Studio Visit: VERA PRIMAVERA

    Visual artist's artworks serve as a reflection of collective feels Ecuadorian artist that lives and works in Mexico City. She began her career pa...