Guadalupe Quesada

Born in Mexico City in 1988. She graduated from the National Arts Academy of Paris in 2014, in which she had the opportunity to studied one semestre abroad in the Musashino Art University in Tokio in 2012. Her artwork, ceramic sculptures reflect on perspectives and their relativity, thoughts that drive Guadalupe to imagine alternative beings and realities. Ernst Haeckel's lithographs, science fiction, as well as Buddhist teachings on emptiness, are influences and triggers for her practice. Her intention is to blur our preconceived categories; the creatures or objects she sculpts show us how life is a continuum in which we are only a possibility. She has participated in various exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio, and Mexico City.

TERRESTRE is a project born from her interest in nature, particularly in the plant world. The result is a variety of sculptural vases made in ceramic, each one hand-modeled with the care and detail of a unique piece.

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