Andrea Alzati

Born in Guanajuato, México, in 1989, Andrea Alzati studied Latin American Literature at the Universidad Latinoamericana. Currently based in Mexico City, she has meticulously forged her artistic path through a captivating fusion of visual and textual expressions, as evidenced by her multiple collections of conceptual poems. Her work has been supported by notable latin american publishers such as Komorebi Ediciones in Chile, and Dharma Books in Mexico. 

Andrea's work, eloquently characterized by La Ruina Editorial, emanates a sensory and verbally elusive quality, showcasing a mastery of complexity. As a versatile creative, she navigates diverse landscapes of language and expression, delving into calligraphy, asemic writing, religious motifs, and the mystical realm of magical experiences. Andrea is particularly fascinated by the exploration of text and line, with her visual artworks serving as a manifestation of drawing as language. In her creative realm, poems read as images, and drawings function as a form of writing.

With two published poetry books and an acclaimed artist book, Andrea stands as a trailblazer in both literary and visual innovation. Her commitment to artistic excellence has earned her recognition through the FONCA’s Young Creators program scholarship in poetry, during 2016 and 2017.


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