New _ on the Block Vol. 2

Now open “New _ on the Block Vol. 2”, group show by Andrea Villalón, Maíra Senise, María Conejo, María Fragoso, Mariel Lebrija and Sofia Spinnato in Machete Galería, until September 19

"Trastienda is a space within Machete where we encourage new art collectors and spotlight emerging artists in order to begin or strengthen their relationship with the market. Their work is not only visible in the homonymous space that we have within the gallery, but also on our digital platforms and now in “New _ on the Block Vol. 2”, which inaugurates their presence in our exhibition program.

We chose for this exhibition six artists who directly or indirectly delve into the notion of the body in their paintings.
Contrary to the historical tendency in art, where until the mid-20th century the gaze upon the female subject / body was determined by the needs and desire of the patriarchal system, in this exhibition it is women who look at themselves and at each other.

Through these works we want to create a sum of vignettes that becomes a story larger than itself, where the body appears in multiple and different ways: the body as a character, as a self-portrait, as a landscape, as nostalgia, as a poem or as a monstrosity, but in all cases the body as a creative medium and as a generator of meaning.