María Conejo


"Dibujar es mi trinchera"

María is interested in showing the human body like a sign of resilience, a communicating gesture through her pictorial production.

There are two main reasons why her work revolves around the femenine body. The fist one is because of her existential crisis as a child trying to understand why something that seems so insignificant like our bodies is everything for us and also to understand and meditate about its vulnerability and the way her religious education stigmatized her body and sexuality.  

The second reason is because of the way the history of art have told us how a woman is supposed to be represented, the way it has been consistently controlled by institutions that have established the limits of correct sexualities.

At the end, thanks to all this new changes in our society where the figure of feminicide and violence towards the bodies and the psyche of women has taken on an unprecedented public state, her work is to propose new ways of perceiving our bodies.

Wanna know more about María's work? check out her instagram: @maria_conejo