• When the Blue Birds Sing,2022
  • When the Blue Birds Sing,2022
  • When the Blue Birds Sing,2022

Floria González

When the Blue Birds Sing,2022

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Floria González
Oil on Canvas
Size: 30H x 30H x 1D cm
Shipping included.
Ships in a box. 

In this painting by Floria Gonzalez, we revisit the recurring motif of a burning house that has been a central theme in her work since her transition from photography to painting. What sets this particular work apart is the striking intensity of the colors and the captivating contrast between the blazing house and the vivid blues that envelop it. 

While blue is often associated with calm and peace in artworks, in this painting, the sky seems undisturbed by the flames. It exudes a dreamlike quality, bordering on the surreal. It's as if these two scenes are unfolding in separate dimensions, akin to a memory frozen in time.

This is an original artwork.Ships in a box mounted.
Oil on canvas.
Size: 30w x 30h x 1d cm.
Sides of the canvas are painted.

Original Created: 2022

Subjects: Surreal Landscape.

Materials: Canvas

Styles: Figurative, Abstract.

Mediums: Oil

Painting: Oil on Canvas

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 30 W x 30 H x 1 D cm

Frame: Not Framed

Ready to Hang: Yes.

Packaging: Ships in a box.

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Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. Lives and works in Mexico City.

With studies in photography and cinematography undertaken in both Mexico City and San Antonio, Texas.

Floria González's artistry captures moments poised on the precipice of impact, crystallizing the instant just before a meteorite collides with Earth. In her snapshots, time seems to halt, and viewers find themselves momentarily breathless, captivated by the profound beauty of the impending cataclysm. Her compositions carry a sense of suspended knowledge—an understanding that something momentous is on the brink of occurrence, accompanied by the anticipatory dissolution in a resounding noise.

In her painted characters, a unique tension emerges. They inhabit their spaces with an unencumbered freedom, seemingly unaware of the impending event. Their backs turned to the observer, they remain blissfully unaware, while we, as viewers, possess an awareness of what lies ahead. The images she creates exist beyond conventional notions of time, suffused with a casual technicolor aesthetic that both amplifies and distorts the hyperreality of the fantastical scenes she portrays.

Virtual Exhibitions

2020 Performance en vivo para USSR.

2020 Instalación online New News para USSR.

2020 Tour Virtual New News para The Happening.

2020 Tour Virtual New News para 100_s.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Nada es eterno, Todo es eterno. Zona Maco 202, Ciudad de México.

2020 New News, USSR, Ciudad de México.

2020 Lost In Strata, Galería Mercado Negro, San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, MX.

2019 SOSTENER, Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro, MX.

2019 Triángulo Interior, Festival internacional de las Artes Julio Tossi, Piedras Negras, Coahuila, MX.

2019 Triángulo Interior, Museo de artes gráficas, Saltillo Coahuila, MX.

2019 Postparto & Sobreponer, Distrito 14, Monterrey Nuevo León, MX.

2016 ¨Postpartum¨ Espacio Arterial, Ciudad de México.

2016 ¨Postpartum¨ Edoteca Municipal, Acuña, Coahuila. MX

2012 PINTA Latin American Art Fair, New York, NY.

2012 “Smother, a confused multitude of things” (Ahogar) MAGROROCCA, Milan, Italia. 

2010 “EstoyCo” Galería LMI, Ciudad de México.

2009 “To Fall… Caer” MAGROROCCA, Milan, Italia.

2009 “Fin…” Conejo Blanco, Ámsterdam, MX.

2008 “Mirreal” Fundación Sebastián, Espacio para la Cultura, Ciudad de México.

Group Exhibitions

2021 Girasol, Jo-Hs, Ciudad de México. 

2021 Porque no podemos limitarnos a vivir por Galería Galería, La Calera, Oaxaca, MX. 

2020 Arte a La Vida, Los Contemporáneos, Ciudad de México 

2020 Casa Pixan III, Ciudad de México. 

2020 New on the block, Trastienda Machete, Ciudad de México

2020 XIX Bienal de pintura Rufino Tamayo. Museo de la ciudad Oaxaca, Oaxaca. 

2020 Casa Pixan II, Ciudad de México.

2019 Expo Arte Misiones II, Monterrey Nuevo León.

2019 Foto 13, Festival Internacional de la imagen, Huamantla, Tlaxcala.

2019 Reinos Artificiales, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Ciudad de México. 

2019 FIAART, Monterrey, México.

2019 Resiliencia, Colonia Doctores, Ciudad de México. 

2019 Pixan, Bucareli 69, Ciudad de México

2018 12/12 Armablanca, Ciudad de México.

2018 Red INK, Ciudad de México.

2018 5Th Barceolna Foto BIENNALE of Fine Arts and Documentary photography, Barcelona, España. 

2018 Llueve de nuevo en el Valle de Fuego, Ciudad de México.

2018 “Affordable Art Fair London” – Londres, Reino Unido.

2018 Un nuevo Mundo – Paraísos Perdidos, Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez, Bogotá, Colombia. 

2017 LOOT Momentum, Ciudad de México. 

2017 Zona Maco Fotografía, Ciudad de México.

2017 “Shaped in Mexico”, Venecia, Italia.

2017 “Photo independent Art Fair LA”, Los Ángeles, CA.

2017 Utupía-distopía, Bogotá, Colombia.

2017 Bardo, Zihuatanejo, Mx.

2017 Vitamina A, Ciudad de México.

2017 Universe por Celcius Art Magazine. Ciudad de México.

2016 Affordable Artfair New York, NY. 

2016 4Th BIENNAL of fine art and Documentary photography, Berlín, Alemania.

2016 “RETROSPECTIVA” Edoteca Municipal, Acuña Coahuila. MX 


2015 LATINITAS, Austin, TX.


2014 YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE, (OCCCA), de Santa Ana, CA.


2014 PALACE REVOLUTION, Galveston Arts Center, TX.

2014 COLLECTORS CONTEMPORARY, Armablanca, Singapur.

2014 WHITE SPIDER, Memorias Flotantes, México.

2013 Sr. JUAN, ARMABLANCA INK 1, 11, 111, Ciudad de México.

2013 WHITE SPIDER, La Hoguera de las Vanidades, Ciudad de México.

2013 ARTEMISA, Contemporary Latin American Art, New York, NY.

2013 "Ukiyo-e" Imágenes del mundo flotante, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Ciudad de México.

2012 SIEMPRE ES HOY, (OCCCA), de Santa Ana, CA. 

2012 “Untitled” Centro Cultural SOFA, Santa Isabel 0151, Santiago de Chile.

2012 The works exhibited in the Biennial (Thegalaawards) will be auctioned at Auditorium of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dec 2011/Jan 

2012 The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards - International Biennial Exhibition of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires Argentina.

2010 “Garmonbozia” Carbòn4 El Estudio, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México. 

2010 “Playground, Regresiones de la Infancia” Centro de la Cultura Casa Lamm Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México.

2010 “Alguien ha sido” Retrato Fotográfico, Kiosko Galeria, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
Nov 2009/Jan 

2010 “Nokenofobia” El Estudio, Monterrey, MX.

2009/2010 “Possibilities” y “ByChance”, Galeria 13, Ciudad de México.

2008 FEMACO, por Galeria 13, Centro Banamex, Ciudad de México.

2008 Bridge Art Fair Miami Beach, por Galeria 13, Miami, FL.

2007 “FACE+CAD” 1st Fair of Emerging Art, seleccionado por Fundación Murrieta, Mexico, MX.


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