Verónica Palmieri

Born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Palmieri's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her homeland. She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.

After graduating from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts in 2000, she later established herself as an illustrator in London, specializing in the UK and Europe. Her journey reflects dedication to her craft, the influence of motherhood, and the fusion of cultural influences shaping her distinctive artistic expression.

Her work evokes a cinematic quality, unfolding as frames from an ongoing movie. Scenes lack order, allowing symbolic elements to form resonant, arbitrary narratives. Characters inhabit these moments, sharing intimate glimpses colored by tension, love, loneliness, and desire. She blends cultural elements from East and West in carefully crafted spaces, fusing baroque aesthetics with Soviet austerity. Animals act as benevolent witnesses, bridging realms and safeguarding secrets. Through her art, Palmieri aligns herself with a lineage of female painters, fusing creativity and nurturing roles. This fusion echoes in frames woven with knots symbolizing unity within separation, carrying intentions like mantras, crafting a unique narrative of interconnected themes and techniques.

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