Matias Meszaros

Matías was born in Mexico City, where he both currently works and resides. His journey into the realm of ceramic arts began during his academic years, where he dedicated himself to pottery classes alongside his formal studies. Subsequently, he became an apprentice in a pottery workshop nestled in the heart of La Roma, Mexico City, a pivotal experience that unveiled the boundless possibilities inherent in the medium.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences, Matías seamlessly weaves elements from traditional Mexican ceramics with nuances from American and Japanese traditions. His artistic pursuits are characterized by an exploration of the intrinsic qualities of clay, leveraging its inherent plasticity to create a captivating array of forms. Matías transcends the confines of a singular pottery-making technique, seamlessly alternating between free-handed pieces and those meticulously crafted on the wheel. His portfolio encompasses functional interior decor, including lamps and vases, as well as medium-scale creations evoking the essence of surreal, mutant creatures.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Matías is deeply dedicated to the cultivation of knowledge and collaboration within the pottery domain. He has assumed the role of a pottery instructor in various esteemed spaces across Mexico City, including El Engaño Cerámica and Bienvenido al Barro. Furthermore, he frequently hosts open showcases at his studio in Mexico City, providing a platform to exhibit his profound commitment to the craft.

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