Alejandra Estrada

Alejandra currently works and resides in Mexico City, in company of her cat, Colina. 

Her education includes a Bachelor's Degree in fashion and textile design from CENTRO, Mexico City. She lived in London for a couple years, where she studied Art Direction at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. 

Alejandra’s work is inspired by the extraordinary present in the mundane; her everyday life, thoughts and feelings influence what she portrays in her paintings and drawings. Bright colors and bold lines create dynamic female figures, unafraid to occupy the otherwise empty canvas. Solid blocks of color compose intimate and tender scenes in a kitchen, freezing time during a trivial conversation. Though oil pastels and digital drawings, Alejandra documents the small moments of joy and introspection she finds day to day.

Alejandra is also the creator of ALYSTA, a fashion brand dedicated to the creation of colorful unisex garments.

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