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Arantxa Solís


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Arantxa Solis
Oil on canvas
80h x 65w x 5D cm
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Framed without glass

"Mirrors" is a captivating artwork that invites viewers to explore the intricacies of color and reflection. In this piece, the artist presents a visually striking composition composed of two distinct parts, each contributing to a sense of depth and emotional resonance.

The background serves as the foundation, featuring a diagonal gradient that transitions from a warm, vibrant orange at the bottom to a delicate, ethereal light pink at the top-right corner. This gradient creates a sense of movement and transformation within the artwork.

Overlaying this gradient are seven shapes, reminiscent of feathers, which occupy a significant portion of the bottom part of the painting. What makes these feathers truly fascinating is their intricate color gradients. Each feather possesses a unique gradient, ranging from shades of blue to mesmerizing green-blue hues. Notably, these gradients are the inversion of the background gradient, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

Upon contemplation, it becomes apparent that the shapes in "Mirrors" are indeed reflective, not just of the background but also of each other. The artist's intention becomes clear – they skillfully manipulate color and inversion to create a visual dialogue where the shapes appear as mirrors of both the background and one another.

As you engage with "Mirrors," let the interplay of colors and reflections draw you into a contemplative state. Allow the gradients to evoke emotions and associations, as if gazing into a pool of memories or emotions. The artwork beckons you to explore the duality of beauty and introspection, reminding us that beneath the surface lies a world of hidden reflections and connections.

This is an original artwork.Ships in a box.
Oil on canvas.
Size: 80W x 65h x 5D cm.

Original Created: 2021

Subjects: Abstract, abstract expressionism, color field painting..

Materials: Canvas

Styles: Abstract.

Mediums: Oil

Painting: Oil on Canvas

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 80W x 65H x 5D cm

Frame: Solid wood (banak) floater frame.

Ready to Hang: Yes.

Packaging: Ships in a box.

Delivery Time: 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, and 10-15 business days for international shipments.

Delivery Cost: Shipping is included.

Returns: 7 day policy.

Handling: Ships in a box. Trastienda is responsible for all the packaging. 

Ships From: Mexico City

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Born in Cali, Colombia in 1990, they've made Mexico City their creative home. With a Bachelor's in Architecture from UNAM and studies at l’École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, they bridge architecture and art.

Initially figurative, they've ventured into the imaginary, crafting ethereal environments and objects. Color and form abstraction define their work, leading to diverse abstract "landscapes". They explore the interplay of light, natural or artificial, at the core of their art, creating abstract landscapes that encapsulate entire atmospheres, transcending traditional boundaries.


2020    Solo Show: A través, Casa equis, CDMX

2019     Solo show: LUX, showroom de MOB, CDMX.

2019   Participación en la feria FAIN 2019, Cdmx

2019  Grup Show in collaboration with Tatiana Bilbao, In Frederich church´s   

Ombra :  Architecture in conversation with nature en el Museo de Olana,  Partnership, New York.

2019  Solo show: Sólo es cuestión de tiempo, Galería LAB S.José del Cabo.

2017   Group show at biombo dorado FERVOR for Design Week México. Tamayo Museum

2016   Group show: Galería LAB  4x 4 , San José del Cabo, BCS  + Galería Arroniz ( Jan Hendrix-Miguel Castro Leñero -Fernando García Correa) +  Arantxa Solis 

2016   Selected work for the 2da Bienal de pintura José Anastasio  Monroy, UDG Jalisco, MX

2015     Group show: Antropometrías en la Galería de la Universidad Iberoamericana.  MX

2015   Project manager for artist Mario Garcia Torres, MX

2015   Painting assistant for Javier Peláez. MX


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