Ileana Magoda

Born in 1985 in Mexico City.

Lives and works in Mexico City. 

Ileana Magoda is a Graphic Designer by profession. Her work explores the physical and spiritual relationship, sharing her personal transformation processes. 

Her work is constant research in a quest for the chronic pain relief that she has derived from a birth spinal defect called spina bifida occulta. She discovered that she had this condition just four years ago, although the symptoms have been present all her life. 

She is interested in integrating the physical body and the energetic body through creative drawing, painting, ceramics, and music, performing work at an intuitive level, moving away from reason, and learning to listen to her body more and more. This practice has helped her to heal emotional wounds and has grown stronger thanks to physical work.

She is interested in finding and cultivating the awareness of the power of transcending oneself to connect with others and create change collectively subtly.

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