Josué González

Born in 1990 in Mexico City.

Lives and Works in Mexico City. 

He has a bachelor in Plastic and Visual arts from the ENPEG, “La Esmeralda”. He has a productive residence in the ceramic workshop “Canela” in Oaxaca de Juárez and in the experimental painting workshop Centro Cultural Casa San Agustín, INBA. 

Josue understands his painting as a come and go of actions and answers, of thinking and doing, where abstraction and figuration cohabit inside the same place. He identifies that during his process building an image he doesn’t always have clarity of where he is going exactly, because as he paints his mind is stuffed with other ideas and images from which he can’t totally get rid of; it is there where improvisation comes into place. He considers it a fundamental part of his pictorial happening, the non-planification or expectation generates a greater sense for things; improvising is for him joining the world or getting mixed within it. As it happens in life; that it never clears motive for us, neither predicts its twists nor keeps its shapes.