Guadalupe Quesada

Guadalupe Quesada, born in Mexico City in 1988, has found both her inspiration and canvas within the bustling city she calls home.

Guided by diverse influences, her artistic path is shaped by the lithographs of biologist Ernst Haeckel, the portrayal of extraterrestrial life in science fiction films, and the profound teachings of emptiness in Buddhism. These multifaceted sources form the bedrock of her creative expression.

Through the lens of observation and reinterpretation, Guadalupe delves into the intricacies of biological phenomena – from microorganisms to fungi. Within this exploration, she employs the transformative power of decomposition, division, fusion, and rearrangement to give life to hybrid creatures and fantastical entities. Her artistry delves into the realms of the unknown, playing with the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the confines of our sensory perception and preconceived notions.

In essence, Guadalupe Quesada invites us to embrace the profound beauty and limitless potential that reside within the interplay of life forms and the interstices of imagination.


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