Terms and Conditions

Artists retain copyright and all intellectual property rights to the work.

All inquiries or requests related to the work should be directed to the authorized representative of the artist for the work, Machete Gallery (Mexico City), who is authorized to answer all questions and communicate the consents granted.


As a courtesy to our artists, if the work is available for resale, it must be offered to Machete Gallery on the same terms and conditions as any good faith offer.

For a period of five years, we ask that you agree not to put this work in an auction.

If the work is donated to an institution in the future, the owner agrees to notify Machete Galería about the donation for purposes of origin.

Any restoration and / or required maintenance of the work will be carried out in consultation with the artist and in strict compliance with its specifications.

 It does not include import taxes or delivery services, these must be organized with the collector.

Unless otherwise indicated, applicable packing and / or shipping charges will be billed separately.

The title deed does not pass until the payment is received in full. - The conditions of this invoice are valid for a period of 90 days.

Payment of this invoice acts as an acknowledgment of receipt and in accordance with these terms.

 Thank you!