Visual artist's artworks serve as a reflection of collective feels

Ecuadorian artist that lives and works in Mexico City. She began her career painting murals throughout the world. After spending some years in France and traveling around Europe, in 2019, she settled in Mexico City and adapted her monumental painting to smaller formats.

In 2020, she began painting as a meditative exercise in the form of a visual diary that wasn't intended to become public. Later that year, Vera decided to publish a series of works from this journal. Works that visually express the melancholy and permanence of everyday life. Her work found a receptive audience living in similar conditions and feeling similar emotions, serving as a reflection of a collective feel.

Her inspirations

Her work's most present visual elements are her dog Miski -sweet or delicious- in Quechua and snakes, which she considers her totem animal, a symbol of power, wisdom, and his spiritual guide. 

Vera draws inspiration from Helen Frankenthaler's process, Herakut, which influenced her femininity representation, and graffiti artists that express strength and power like Miss Van.

Her most recent works fusion large format murals techniques with smaller canvas formats, creating images that portray her life from an introspective and personal place.


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Vera Primavera, La Marcha, Ed. No., 2022, Glicée, 45h x 39w cm. Available: $160 USD