Artist transforms physical sensations into colorful and dynamic canvases.

Ileana is a plastic artist inspired by the physical sensations derived from spina bifida occulta, she lives and works in Mexico City.

She began experimenting with paint to experiment with the meditative state of manual work. In her first series, she reinterprets the MRIs taken from the studies to treat her condition, creating harmonious and abstract canvases.

Her pieces include elements recalling moments of her past, such as sheepskin, a material that connects with the family businesses, or amber, which is believed to be a healing stone. One of the most innovative references to the healing process is the use of organic pigments extracted from her body, used as carmine notes that accentuate the figures.

Evolution of her pieces

Starting with Body, 2021, and the Inorganic Forms series, the color palette becomes softer, and her forms more abstract, losing the line and adopting thick brushstrokes and curves. Their shapes simulate the movements required to work with ceramics.

Ileana says she can better perceive physical sensations after studying the Alexander and Kundalini techniques. Her pieces portray control over her body, of letting go, like "feeling the tension to release it."

New ideas

In his transition to a freer aesthetics, Magoda is intervening past works to give them a new life. She has been experimenting with painting outside the frame and anchoring her work to a physical healing process. 

Working with large-format and painting on the floor allows her to maintain friendlier postures for her spine, translating to canvas the intricate relationship with her body in pieces that resemble pottery. 


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Ileana Magoda, Sentimientos Encontrados, 2022, Acrylic and blood on canvas, 50h x 50w cm. Available: $450 USD