Did you know that this artwork is censored on our social media?

The history of  images that address the female body is one of the longest in the history of art, and the most consistently controlled by institutions that have established the limits of correct sexualities and, based on these, also their representations.

"In this historical moment where the figure of femicide and violence towards the bodies and psyche of women and other identities has taken on an unprecedented public status, it is important to reclaim these representations to propose new ways of perceiving our bodies." -María Conejo


Less than 5% of the artists in the U.S. museums Modern Art sections are women but 85% of the nudes are female.

-Guerrilla Girls


In Trastienda Machete, we encourage free representation and do not censor any expression. 71% of the artists we work with identify themselves as women. We encourage their contribution to the art world.

This unique selection portrays the female body as imagined and represented freely by artists like María Conejo, Alejandra Estrada, and Sofía Spinnato.
Whether social media censors it or not.

During this Black Friday, your purchase, your support.